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1st Annual Freestylin’ Grooming Championship – Rules and Regulations

1st Annual Freestylin’ Grooming Championship
Contest Rules and Regulations

Event Timeline

12:00 pm:  Check-in
12:15 pm: 
12:45 pm:  Contest Starts

2:15-2:30 pm: Dog Break

4:00 pm: Contest Ends/Final Judging
5:00 pm:

Contest Time Limit:
3 Hours

This competition is open to all groomers. There are no divisions, all competitors will compete together in one class.

Entries will be accepted in the order in which they are received up to a total of 30 competitors; competitors must make their registration fee payment of $110 within 24 hours of registering or risk losing their spot. Payments can be made upon completing registration by contacting Woofgang Academy of Grooming at 321.247.5581.

Competitors may compete with any of the AKC-recognized, scissored pure breeds groomed to breed standard or any scissored mixed breed in any freestyle salon trim.

***Scissored pure or mixed breeds are any dog that has curly or wavy coat that can be sculpted with shears to an extreme outline****

Scissored pure breed example list but not limited to:

Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Frise, Black Russian Terrier, Bouvier des Flandres, Irish Water Spaniel, Kerry Blue Terrier, Portuguese Water Dog, Soft Coated Wheaten, Poodle, Pomeranian

**Creative styling is not permitted however dogs may have color.  Hand-stripped wire coats and carded/stripped sporting coats are not permitted.

Coat Length:
Contestants should enter with a minimum of 8 weeks of coat growth. It is understood that some coats grow more quickly than others so the hair must be of sufficient length to allow the competitor to make a very distinct change in the dog’s appearance.

Competition dogs must be prepped and ready for the judge’s inspection prior to check-in.  Dogs should be combed, brushed and free of tangles, freshly shampooed and dried.  Ears should be clean, toenails trimmed/filed, and pad hair trimmed if applicable. Poodle pads, sanitary trimming and the genital and stomach areas should be pre-trimmed. Shaved feet and face may NOT be trimmed before the start of the competition.  All other trimming shall be done only after the competition starts. Pre-shaved feet or face will result in a 15 minute time penalty All grooming techniques are permitted except plucking/carding/hand-stripping.

Scissoring, thinning, using guard combs are all permitted. Show topknots may be pre-banded, including hair extensions prior to the start of the class. Spray-up products are prohibited prior to the start of the class. The use of hairspray, chalk, styling products are permitted and encouraged however, your judges must be able to evaluate the grooming with a comb.

**Singeing of the coat** using a flame or flame device to remove the tips of the hair is not permitted.

Grooming Equipment:
Grooming tables and grooming arms will be provided to contestants.  Contestants must supply their own grooming equipment and grooming loop.

Electric: Electric will NOT be provided in the contest ring. You must supply your own cordless clippers if clipping is part of your grooming.

Warnings: The following violations will result in a warning.  A second warning will result in disqualification.
– Inappropriate attire
– Inappropriate language or clothing displaying profanity
– Skin abrasions, clipper burns, nicks or cuts
– The use of cell phones
– Smoking in the ring
– Rough handling
– Grooming loop too tight or too high
– Dogs left unattended on the table
– Dogs jumping or falling off the table
– Standing on chairs or tables
– Coaching of any kind from outside the ring


There will be 5 placements:

1st Place – $10,000  (sponsored by Woofgang Academy of Grooming and Pets Playground)
2nd Place – $2000 (sponsored by Woofgang Academy of Grooming and Pets Playground)
3rd Place – $1000 (sponsored by Woofgang Academy of Grooming and Pets Playground)
4th Place – $500  (sponsored by NIRA GROOMING)
5th Place – $250 (sponsored by NIRA GROOMING)

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Pet Grooming School FAQ

There are two ways you can become a dog groomer in Florida:
  1. Complete an official dog grooming program with a comprehensive curriculum to show your dedication and knowledge. This is the recommended option!
  2. Get on the job training from an experienced dog groomer, but those without a certification will have a harder time finding a job.
Our Pro Grooming course takes 4 months to complete attending full-time. Our Stylist Program takes 8 months to complete attending full-time.
Dog grooming courses for tuition range from approximately $5,800 for the Pro Groomer Program to $9,400 for the Pet Stylist Program, grooming tool kit $1,100 (optional) and applicable state taxes. There is a $100 registration fee due at time of signing the enrollment agreement.
All students must be at least 18 years of age, and show proof of high school graduation or GED. Prior to enrollment the school requires an interview at the school campus with the director, tour of the facilities, and observing a class in operation. An “Admissions Questionnaire” must be completed. Upon acceptance into the program, the student may enroll.
Dog groomer pay will range depending on the setting and area where you practice. Florida groomers earn an average of $30,000 - $59,000 a year according to
The government has determined colleges and pet groomers both to be an essential business that can remain open.
Dog grooming requires certain physical demands. Ask yourself:
  1. Can you stand for long periods at a time?
  2. Can you lift pets on and off the grooming table?
  3. Can you firmly grasp tools with both hands?
  4. Are you comfortable being exposed to dirt, animal hair, dander, and skin conditions?
  5. If you are pregnant, have you cleared grooming school with your doctor?
  6. If you answered “yes” to the above questions, dog grooming may be the perfect career path for you!
YES! Job placement is a priority after completing our dog grooming program.

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